You are about to mint an NFT that represents a global event in history.

Owning a Covhead is owning a digital asset you carry for life.


The first NFT collection that celebrates you defeating Covid-19. Each NFT is a digital collectible representing the pandemic, increasing in value as global cases decrease. This means that whenever new daily cases of COVID worldwide come down your NFT valuation goes up – see the valuation calculator.

Total collection = 10,000

Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining unique traits with varying rarity across categories. Super rare items are an ear piece trait. View rarity table

Date of Mint



Expected Mint price of each NFT will be FREE, the valuation will increase on Opensea re-sale based on our valuation calculator

Why Covheads

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Opensea Valuation

We focus on innovating within the NFT space with empowering our holders in creative ways.






Covheads are here to change the NFT space by being a global collectible of the Coronavirus pandemic, a significant historical event. Each Covhead will become rarer and more valuable as the virus becomes less impactful.

To help people collect a valuable NFTs and celebrate their survival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NFTs will be available for FREE NOW! and then a fixed price on OPENSEA. (suggested valuation advised)

There are a total of 10,000 Covheads available to mint.

To mint a Covhead NFT, you will need to obtain ethereum tokens and transfer them into your crypto wallet, preferably a metamask or coinbase wallet. Once the wallet is installed on your browser Click on “Connect” to connect your MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet extension. Select the number of Covheads you want to mint (max of 3 per transaction).Click on “BUY” and sign the transaction on your wallet extension and Voila.

You may mint 200 NFT per wallet if you are in the Mint sale.

We have used a low gas fee smart contract for the Covheads utility tokens. When you mint, the Metamask gas limit shows the upper limit of the gas fee. Actual transaction fees will be 50-70% lower.

The reveal will take place while Covheads are being minted

Once all Covheads are minted/deployed on Opensea the 3D Covheads will be in production sometime in Autumn 2023. Covhead 2D holders will be ‘covhead’ listed for one

The Covheads collection drop will have a 8.5% royalty fee on secondary sales on NFT marketplaces. The royalty fee will be reinvested into designing and developing the 3D Covheads, digital store and implementation into the metaverse.